As a concern to the fact that "the qualities of butyl rubber stoppers for packaging medicine affects human health" and to enhance our manufacturing technology, in 1973, "Taiwan Ta Sheh Heng Yi Enterprise Group" have formed a join venture with the largest packaging medicine and butyl rubber stopper manufacturer in Japan. Sheng Zou Rubber & Plastics Limited follows the 30-year manufacturing experiences and specialized technology of "Taiwan Ta Sheh Heng Yi Enterprise Group" as all production technology and the quality control systems are designed in compliance with G.M.P. standards. Moreover, we have adopted the world's top standard high-tech operation systems, from the highest level of computerize operations and the most advance clean room to the newest type cleaning facility system to ensure the highest quality and efficiency are attained in every production linkage.

Apart from the strict demands during the production process, the qualities of final products manufactured by "Taiwan Ta Sheh Heng Yi Enterprise Group" must be inspected based on Japan Official Testing Methods of Rubber Plug for Using of Liquid Infusion(日本官方藥典輸液用橡皮栓試驗法)and the Standard Testing Procedure for Rubber of Medical Applications 醫藥用橡膠標準測試程序 because we deeply believe only with attentiveness carried out in every production process and detail can there be assurance of consistency in superb qualities throughout the entire operation linkage.

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