Company name : Taiwan Ta Sheh Heng Yi Co., Ltd.
Company location : No.226, Yuan-Pei Street, Hsinchu City.
Owner : Chao Chu-Shun

Brief description of founding history
Taiwan Ta Sheh Heng Yi Co., Ltd. was established in 1970. We currently supply butyl rubber stoppers, clorobutyl rubber stoppers and bromobutyl stoppers for well-known domestic as well as foreign pharmaceutical companies. We are the sole domestic firm that manufacturing butyl rubber for medical applications, which we own over 85% of market share in Taiwan as our products have always been well accepted by our customers. In addition, we also manufacture rubber materials for electronic components.

A technological join-venture was formed with the largest packaging medicine and butyl rubber stopper manufacturer in Japan. Since that point, our company started engaging in the research and manufacturing of butyl rubber stoppers for medical applications and we strive to enhance the qualities and training new talents as our objectives.
our plant had occupied 1,700 Ping (approximately 5,620 square meters) primarily manufacturing butyl rubber stoppers for medical applications with capital of NTD500,000.
October, Plant expansion with NTD1 million increase in capital.
Purchase of additional equipments to meet the domestic quantity demands with NTD20 million increase in capital.
Our product lines in Taiwan market have expanded to over 20 products, such as halogenated butyl rubber stoppers 乳化丁基橡膠膠塞, natural rubber pads, medical rubber stoppers for contact lenses, snap cover kits 子母蓋組合件, 電池止壓閥橡膠 battery pressure stoppage valve rubber, key pads, etc, and we have owned 50% of the market share in Taiwan in butyl rubber stoppers.
We have exported and penetrated the butyl rubber stoppers markets in countries of Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, and Egypt.

After twenty years of hard effort, we have established a branch company "Sheng Zou Rubber

& Plastics Limited" completely with our own capital in Soochow of Jiangsu Province, China in 1997 by the offshore company "Benson", with registered capital:

-1997: USD2,800,000
-1998: USD4,300,000
-2001: USD9,200,000

-October, 2001: Received ISO9001 certification.

Our investment up to today have exceeded USD12,500,000.
Total lot size occupied by Sheng Zou Rubber & Plastics Limited: 83,539 square meters
Plant area of the first phase of construction: 9,282 square meters
Plant area to be added in 2004: 11,000 square meters

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